Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing?

The way we all make decisions has changed.

What used to be a linear process has evolved into something much more fluid, something that relies on personal engagement and education more than it does impulse and pushy sales techniques. People are now actively seeking out expertly-crafted content that helps them solve their challenges, and they give their business to those organizations who do that best; this is done through digital marketing.

Digital marketing is all about fostering an online presence that ensures your ideal customers find you, connect with you, and learn from you. We believe in using the expansive digital landscape to tell your story, and guide your audience through the entire buyer’s journey in a way that is as compelling as it is delightful.

What does that mean for you? It means more leads; it means more sales; and even more that that, it means growing your organization organically, through the power of digital marketing.

Let’s Be Partners!

We believe that great marketing is two things: fun, and like a shot of espresso for your business. So not only do we want to enjoy working together, we want our strategies to serve as a much-needed boost for your business, helping you grow like never before.

Working with those who are excited about growth, we strive to make every phone call with us something you look forward to – both because of the incredible results we get you, and our charming personalities (thanks to all that coffee we drink).

Since every organization is different, we can partner with you in a variety of ways, based on whatever is best for you. To get the conversation started, these are the four levels we typically engage in.


Single Shot5 Hrs/Mo

Partnership Levels

Single Shot


A monthly consulting package ideal for those with
an internal marketing team.

Like a single shot of espresso, our Single Shot digital marketing partnership gives you the “oomph” you need to get focused and stay on track with your digital marketing initiatives. We focus our time in a way that makes the most sense for you—whether that’s for new strategy development, monthly insights with analytics analysis and optimization recommendations, or being an objective partner to help keep you moving in the right direction. Regardless of your needs, the Single Shot gives you the right amount of time for a well-rounded consultative partnership.

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A monthly consulting package ideal for those with an internal marketing team.


Double Shot20 Hrs/Mo

Partnership Levels

Double Shot


Perfect for those new to digital marketing
or who need an agency partner to balance their team.

If you don’t have an internal team, or are needing an agency partner to help you ramp things up, the Double Shot is an awesome way to kickstart or re-energize your online marketing. With the Double Shot, we have 240 hours annually (20/mo) which will be used to develop a digital marketing strategy (including a full SEO strategy), content calendar, multiple marketing campaigns and content optimization. Put that all together with our marketing automation platform and you have the beginnings of a very successful marketing program.

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Perfect for those who are new to digital marketing or need team augmentation.


Triple Shot30 Hrs/Mo

Partnership Levels

Triple Shot


Get a highly caffeinated, part-time creative marketing department.
Our most popular engagement.

The Triple Shot is everything you would get with a Double Shot, just more of it (think of us as your part-time digital marketing department, for the investment amount of less than a full-time employee.) Whether your strategies dictate that we run more campaigns to drive brand awareness through higher frequency, or fewer—yet bigger—campaigns to drive lead generation, at 360 hours annually (30/mo), the Triple Shot is perfect for driving incredible results for your organization with digital marketing.

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Strategy, SEO, automation, content, and more. Our most popular engagement.


The Coffee Shop40 Hrs/Mo

Partnership Levels

Coffee Shop


A full-time digital marketing team at your disposal?
Now that’s something we can buy into.

Our carefully built team of highly talented digital professionals can generate more results for your marketing, in less time, than just one specialized internal hire. The Coffee Shop gives you 480 hours (40/mo) of marketing services over the course of a year. This gives you everything that you would need to run an end-to-end digital strategy, which helps generate demand for your brand, leads & sales, and even helps manage your reputation.

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Want us to serve as your own personal digital marketing team? We’d love to.