Our Process

Web Design

We are Adaptable.

The majority of the web design industry uses a traditional waterfall methodology for their project management – where they move from wireframes to mockups to development to testing, and so on. This used to be us, but after nine years of building over 250 websites, we’ve learned that this process is restrictive and far from perfect. So, as we’ve grown, we’ve evolved.

Our processes now integrate many Agile concepts and methodologies, where we focus on delivering the most important items that bring you the most value, all from day one.

Our clients receive large portions of dedicated time from our team and get to experience working iterations of their project every two to three weeks.

User Stories

Building websites
for people first

We prioritize project deliverables based on the value each brings to your end user – the people actually using your website. To do this, we outline the goals of your audience and craft our plan based on the “why” behind each of those goals. These come to life in “User Stories,” short narrations of what people are trying to do, why it matters, and how we will help them do it. The end result is a better experience for your audience (and you).

Don’t you wish everyone did it that way? We thought so.