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February 12th, 2013  /  Marketing

Getting LinkedIn for Great Link Bait

While “LinkedIn” is a great website, remember that it’s also a company, a company that knows how to innovate and productize very well. They have created a web service for professionals that has allowed us to connect, find jobs, increase sales, help others, generate content, and more; all of which is absolutely fantastic.

But like I said, LinkedIn is still a company, and they are just as mindful about doing real company stuff as we are. So, how is LinkedIn “LinkedIn for great link bait”?

Well, today I received an email from them telling me that I was one of the 10% most viewed profiles for 2012.


Being in the top 10% sounds great, right?! Well, sure, if you’re a positive thinker, maybe. But if you’re a realist, you’ll look at those numbers and do the math and realize it’s not as great as the “10%” really sounds:

[pl_alertbox type=”info”]

LinkedIn = 200,000,000 (two hundred million) users
10% of most viewed profiles = 20,000,000 (twenty million) profiles


So, I was included in the top 20,000,000 profiles being viewed in 2012. That’s great! (sarcasm) But seriously though, for an average user, this would seem pretty awesome. And for someone not in the SEO industry, this email and the incentive to share this news with all my connections, post it on my website, etc., would seem like a great, no-strings-attached, idea!

So, what the heck am I complaining about? Nothing really 🙂

But, I did want to point out how great an idea this is for LinkedIn. The average user wouldn’t realize that this was really a way to get their users to link back to their site / user profiles. There duplicity in benefit here:

  1. Users are encouraging others to look at their profiles
  2. LinkedIn gets increased traffic, pageviews, and links into their website

Here’s a screenshot of the page you’re taken to after clicking on the “read more” button in the email:


So, like I said, they are doing what every company should be doing: real business stuff. They’re thanking their users for staying with them and building the site into something great, they’re providing value to their users by encouraging them to share their profiles (which, let’s face it, most people are too lazy to do, or just don’t think about it – on a daily basis), and they’re in turn getting value back by increased traffic to their site (remember, all profiles are on the linkedin.com website), links into their website, and brand awareness of their company.

Win win for everyone. Kudos, LinkedIn. I’m glad to see that you’re still doing your thing, and hope that examples like this can show people what can be done to win big online.


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